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What is a Web Application?

A web application is a client-server program which runs in a web browser. Some web applications include: Email, eCommerce, Cloud Storage, Video Playback, and Online Document Editing.

Using the latest Microsoft technologies to enhance websites

Microsoft provides website enhancement solutions for developers so that they can enhance and create a dynamic website.

We Use The Software Development Lifecycle to Ensure Projects Are Completed Right and On Time!

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Involves collecting required data, proposing alternative solutions, describing costs and benefits, and submitting an initial plan with recommendations for evaluation.

Systems Analysis, Requirements Definition

Involves defining project goals into defined functions, gathering and interpreting data, problem solving and improvements.

Systems Design and Development

Systems design includes describing features and operations in detail. This includes screen layouts, business rules, diagrams and writing.

Integration and Testing

Testing is involved to ensure a pristine product is released. This stage involves detecting and correcting errors prior to deployment.

Acceptance, Installation and Deployment

The final stage which involves launching the project and informing the customer of the final process.


Maintenance is crucial due to the system undergoing updates and modifications so that the user experience can be enhanced. Please contact us after your website/app is launched for maintenance options.

The Technologies We Use Have an Integral Impact on How Each Project is Designed

Taking the Time to Listen to Customer Needs Results in High Quality Products

Communication is Key

Communication is extremely important throughout the development process. We communicate throughout each phase so that everyone is on the same page.

Design Specifications

We abide by all W3C design specifications so that you will have a product that meets compliance checks.

Testing Involves Our Customers

We include our customers in the testing phase so that they can get a hands on look and feel of their product before it launches. If there are any last minute changes, this would be the stage to implement.

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